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A bank that actually rewards you for giving them your hard-earned cash? We wanted to celebrate the fact that there is at least one, by acknowledging all of the hard work that Virgin Money customers go through to get to where they are today. If reading improves the mind, lack of reading may well be the root cause of some of the silly things we all know and love on the internet. To publicise it, we asked famous authors and literary people to read out silly internet stuff.

Their reactions gave us a clear message – don’t be dumb, read a book. Jonesy and Amanda - we love you so much, we want to double you.

One of radio’s most listened-to double acts needed something catchy with energy that reflected their fun personalities. True Local needed to launch a suite of digital marketing products that were so simple, intuitive and clever that, literally, anyone could become a digital marketing expert.

Step up Steve the Carpenter – Tradie by day and digital marketing guru by day also.

A lack of data in this day and age can lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations.

Like getting lost without Google maps, or stranded without Uber.

Thankfully with Boost’s Big Data Weekends you can skip the drama.

We created pre-rolls that dramatised everyone’s ‘no data’ fears.

The longer the video plays the worse the situation gets. We created a clever little ‘skip drama’ button which sat above the ‘skip ad’ button on You Tube, allowing the audience to skip the drama courtesy of Boost Mobile.

We developed a new brand platform, 'the Art of Prosperity' for Chartered Accountants ANZ highlighting the value that CAs bring to businesses and society, and how that value contributes to building communities and economies that enhance prosperity for us all.

The campaign focuses on the art – the skills – that Chartered Accountants apply in a business and social context.

To bring ‘the Art of Prosperity’ to life, we developed three completely different films with very different aesthetic approaches and production techniques.